Saturday, August 28, 2010

First Weekly Wandering

Happy Fall!! Welcome back. For the first weekly wandering we're going to climb the "iconic" sugarloaf. There are a few good climbs on the 'loaf and the view is magnificent. After, we'll be hanging by the lake for some slacklining and grilling. We'll have a some burgers and hot dogs available for those who want to get together and chat about upcoming destinations for outings and trips. Climing will be starting around 3pm and go until everyone's good and worked!

Friday, March 26, 2010


Spring is here and that means that its time to start up the outings once again! If you're starting to feel the stress mount from the impending doom also known as finals, come join us for some natural fun. Geocaching, rock climbing, mountain biking, disc golfing and paddling are a few of the outings and trips on the docket for the next few weeks. If you have experience in any of these areas stop by memorial 128 or email Eric @ to initiate a trip or let us know what YOU want to do! To start things off next Tuesday will be bouldering at castle mound state forest. If you've never tried the sport of bouldering- its the most simple form of rock climbing- all you need are shoes. If you don't have any we have some you can borrow. Sign up asap as spots will be going fast!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Rock Climbing Instructional Workshop Nov. 7 & 8

There will be a rock climbing workshop Nov. 7th & 8th at Devils Lake State Park. The focus of this workshop is to teach individuals how to be self sufficient climbers. The workshop will concentrate on climbing anchor construction and deal in depth with topics including: belaying, rapelling systems, natural and artificial anchors, and climbing site management. If you want to learn to be a compentent, self sufficient climber, don't miss this opportunity! Usually a course of this nature costs $200-$300 but for comon adventure participants the cost is only $25 + fuel/food. the course will be taught by a PCIA certified instructor and will also prepare those with experience climbing for a climbing certification course. Sign up on the common adventures board,outside memorial 128, as space is limited to 9 participants and 2 spots are already taken!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Wednesday Night Wanderings Sept. 23rd

Hopefully most people are recovered from the bouldering we did at castle mounds last weds. Eventhough the bugs were pretty bad, we had a bunch of people topping out climbs!

This week we're heading up to The Woods disc golf course at ST. Mary's. If you've never golf or don't have any discs we'll have a bunch to loan out(or you can go purchase one at the disc/glass shop on 2nd street down from acoustic cafe). The course is a great hike through the bluffs and is one of the best in the midwest. We'll also be doing a trash pick-up while we play the course. So come throw a round and help clean up the bluffs as well!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wednesday Night Wanderings Week 4!

For this week's wandering we'll be traveling to Castle Mounds State Forest in Black River Falls, Wi for some bouldering. If you've never been bouldering that's OK because its simple, fun and super addicting. Its simply rock climbing without all the ropes and gear; its just you and the rock. falling is assisted by spotters(much like gymnastics) and landings are "cumfortized" by large foam pads called "crash pads". The climbs rarely are taller than 13feet so the chance of injury is minimal at best! sign up sooner than later to ensure your spot!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Wednesday Night Wanderings Week 3

Hey all, for those that missed last week, we had an awesome climbing session at the ADDIDAS wall down in Lacrosse that went until dark!! This week we're heading out on the Mighty Mississippi for some backwaters canoeing and kayaking. Come join us at the usual time( 4:00) outside Memorial hall. Spots are already filling so get down to the common adventures trip board and get on the list. The route we're paddling should take about 2 hrs, so come on out and see what sweet spots we have in our backyard.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wednesday Night Wanderings Week 2

This week we're heading out rock climbing to either Barn Bluff in Red Wing, Black River Falls, or to a local area. Whether you've been climbing for a long time or if this will be your first time come along and see if the vertical world is for you!